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Tome is a new medium for shaping & sharing ideas.

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Speak your mind. Whatever you want to say, Tome helps you figure out how to say it, without losing the nuance or struggling for hours with design and formatting.

Tome isn't a deck, or a doc, or a splash page. It's built for the way we communicate today: a fluid, multimedia canvas that lives on the web and looks great on any screen. AI tools built for expression help you explore new approaches and instantly generate new content, so you can get your point across compellingly.

AI features

AI designed to articulate ideas.

Stop staring at that blank page. Generate a one-pager, a presentation, a mood board, and more, starting with any prompt. Tome gives you outlines and options to react to, so you can find the best way to express your thoughts.

AI features

Sweat the small stuff (and make it better).

Use AI to nail the right tone and phrasing for your writing, create the perfect image, and even search for references across the web to bring your story to life the way you imagined it.

AI features

Add structure and polish to your work.

Tome can help with quick and easy transformation of the work you’ve already done. Paste in a document and see it gain depth and clarity. Tome automatically builds a narrative from your text and generates matching images to illuminate your point.

Communicate unconstrained.

Just type to make it happen

Effortlessly take any action from a single command system.

Bring ideas to life

Turn static pages into rich, interactive experiences.

3D models & animations

Narrate your own story

Give your work critical context with AV overlays.

Design without thinking about it

Create with smart themes and responsive layouts that just work.


Go deeper with
interactive embeds.

Draw viewers in and encourage participation by embedding interactive product mocks, 3D prototypes, data, web pages, and more.

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Immersive viewing

Built to look great
on any screen.

No more pinching to zoom

Dynamic, mobile-responsive layouts adjust your content to fit any device.

One link to rule them all

Easily share your tome in an email, via text message, and even on social media—all with a single link.

An immersive, full-screen experience

Press play and dive into an immersive presentation mode, designed to give your story the attention it deserves.

Keep track of analytics

See who’s viewed your tome, and even more advanced analytics coming soon.

Use cases

Express anything.

Tome is here to help anyone express their ideas—whether you’re leading a large company, starting a solo business, or making something for yourself.


Chosen by dreamers,
schemers, and big thinkers.

Tome makes sharing ideas more fluid, connected, and interactive. I love the flexibility of this tool!

Reid HoffmanPartner, Greylock

It’s incredibly intuitive to build beautiful tomes for sales demos, pitching, or just sharing thoughts and internal memos. I'm impressed by the same level of attention to detail on the consumption side.

Ann ChanCo-founder, Berry

If you’re making decks and not using Tome, you’re missing out (and wasting time).

Fons MansFounder, 10X Designers

I measure production value as the amount of effort x the quality that comes out. Tome has some of the highest production value I’ve ever experienced.

Colin TreselerCo-Founder & CEO, Supernormal

Tome is a fantastic asset for teachers. The AI input is truly a time saver. I was gobsmacked to see how quickly it was able to put together pages that needed only minimal tweaks from me. It took Tome seconds and saved me hours!

Mick ConnollyTeacher, Glossopdale School

The best thing about Tome is how everything just works. You add an image, it'll automatically place it where it looks best. You change one color and the entire palette will update itself...I highly recommend using Tome [for] client pitches.

Ritoban MukherjeeFounder, Nutgraf

Tome enables me to push boundaries with design and storytelling in a fraction of the time I used to spend making decks. I use it daily in my design and 'pitch deck' work for a range of clients, from startups to SpaceX.

Larry LundstromFounder, LUNDSTUDIO

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