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your point across.

Substance. Structure. Style. Tome's AI understands the little differences between a point that lands, and one that falls flat.

Generate a great starting point for any presentation in minutes. Edit, adjust, and build on ideas to express what you're thinking.

Get in the flow faster

Quickly explore possibilities

Should your idea be a presentation or a splash page? A one sheeter or a photo collage? Quickly generate and review a variety of formats to find the one that best tells your story.

Turn documents into presentations

Paste entire documents into Tome and convert them into structured narratives in a single click.

Generate the perfect image

Create magical AI imagery, search image libraries, or upload your own with a powerful all-in-one image tile.

React and refine

Find the right words

Fine-tune your copy by using AI to rewrite text, adjust tone, and reduce or extend length.

Fill in the gaps

Add new dimensions to your narrative with powerful page generation. Explore multiple directions and visual approaches for any idea.

Add references, automatically

Search for webpages that support your points and add intelligent footnotes.

Explore what's possible

Tome for Founders & Startups

Build your reputation as you build the future

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Tome for Creators & Freelancers

Everything you need to tell your story

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Tome for Marketers

Get presentations on brand, on topic, and out the door

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Tome for Sales

Quick creation that gives you first-mover advantage

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Tome for Product Teams

Don’t make decks, make progress

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Chosen by dreamers,
schemers, and big thinkers.

Tome makes sharing ideas more fluid, connected, and interactive. I love the flexibility of this tool!

Reid HoffmanPartner, Greylock

It’s incredibly intuitive to build beautiful tomes for sales demos, pitching, or just sharing thoughts and internal memos. I'm impressed by the same level of attention to detail on the consumption side.

Ann ChanCo-founder, Berry

If you’re making decks and not using Tome, you’re missing out (and wasting time).

Fons MansFounder, 10X Designers

I measure production value as the amount of effort x the quality that comes out. Tome has some of the highest production value I’ve ever experienced.

Colin TreselerCo-Founder & CEO, Supernormal

Tome is a fantastic asset for teachers. The AI input is truly a time saver. I was gobsmacked to see how quickly it was able to put together pages that needed only minimal tweaks from me. It took Tome seconds and saved me hours!

Mick ConnollyTeacher, Glossopdale School

The best thing about Tome is how everything just works. You add an image, it'll automatically place it where it looks best. You change one color and the entire palette will update itself...I highly recommend using Tome [for] client pitches.

Ritoban MukherjeeFounder, Nutgraf

Tome enables me to push boundaries with design and storytelling in a fraction of the time I used to spend making decks. I use it daily in my design and 'pitch deck' work for a range of clients, from startups to SpaceX.

Larry LundstromFounder, LUNDSTUDIO

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