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Mattermark: Pricing, Reviews, & Alternatives

Mattermark: Pricing, Reviews, & Alternatives

What is Mattermark?

Mattermark is a platform that helps you discover, prospect, and track the world's fastest-growing companies and investors using data-driven insights. In this article, we will share the key facts you need to know about Mattermark. Our team will cover its main purpose, features, benefits, and how it works, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of this valuable tool.

Mattermark's Pricing

Mattermark offers a variety of pricing options, including a monthly plan at $49/user/month, and an annual plan at $500/user/month. They also provide a free plan for accessing company data and news on iOS. Additionally, you can take advantage of their 14-day free trial to explore their services. Check out their pricing page for more details.

Reviews of Mattermark

Users have praised Mattermark for its ability to provide valuable information on companies, including funding, growth, and team members. They recommend it to anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the startup ecosystem. Based on the reviews, Mattermark has an overall rating of 5 out of 5. To read more user feedback, check out the Mattermark Reviews on Product Hunt.

Use cases for Mattermark

Three major use cases for Mattermark include assisting investors, sales and business development professionals, and those in professional services.

  • Assisting Investors: Mattermark helps investors discover new companies and secure better deals more quickly by providing comprehensive company data and growth indicators.
  • Sales and Business Development: The platform significantly reduces prospecting time for sales and business development teams by identifying potential customers and providing insights into their business operations and growth potential.
  • Professional Services: Mattermark aids professionals in the services industry by offering tools to research markets, understand competitive landscapes, and deliver results to clients more efficiently.

To learn more about these use cases, visit the Mattermark website.

Alternatives to Mattermark

If you're looking for alternatives to Mattermark, we've compiled a list of four apps that offer similar features and benefits. These tools can help you discover new opportunities, track success, and stay informed about the world's business information:

  • Tome: Offers AI template customization, company intelligence, and viewer analytics for crafting compelling presentations. Ideal for sales and marketing professionals, as well as anyone looking to share ideas effectively.
  • Fathom: Provides in-depth company analysis and insights, helping users make informed decisions about potential investments and partnerships.
  • Loom: A video messaging tool that enables users to communicate complex ideas and information quickly and effectively, streamlining sales and business development processes.
  • Chorus: An AI-driven conversation analytics platform that helps sales teams improve their communication and close deals more efficiently by analyzing call data and providing actionable insights.

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