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Tabnine Ai: Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

Tabnine Ai: Pricing, Reviews, and Alternatives

What is Tabnine AI?

Tabnine AI is an AI coding assistant designed to help developers with code generation, personalized AI software tools, and risk-free AI assistance. In this article, we'll share all you need to know about Tabnine AI, including its features, privacy, and control options.

Tabnine AI's Pricing

Tabnine AI offers three plans: Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is free, while the Pro plan costs $12 per user per month with a 90-day free trial. The Enterprise plan is priced at $39 per user per month. Check out their pricing page for more details.

Reviews of Tabnine AI

Tabnine AI has gathered positive reviews, with users appreciating its multi-language code suggestions and integration with IDEs like VSCode, particularly noting its helpfulness with vanilla JavaScript. They also recognized its potential to speed up coding. Tabnine has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 on G2. Check out Tabnine AI reviews on G2 for more details.

Use cases for Tabnine AI

Here are the most notable use cases for Tabnine AI:

  • Code generation: Tabnine AI can help you write code faster by providing AI-powered autocomplete suggestions, making it easier to complete your projects.
  • Personalized AI tools: Tabnine AI can be tailored to your team's needs, offering a customized experience that adapts to your coding style and preferences.
  • Risk-free AI assistance: With Tabnine AI, you can enjoy the benefits of AI assistance without compromising your code privacy or control over your data.

For more information on Tabnine AI visit the Tabnine website.

Alternatives to Tabnine AI

Here are four AI coding tools that can help you with your coding workflow:

  • OpenAI Codex: A general-purpose model that generates code from natural language prompts, offering code review, code linting, language translation, and fine-tuning capabilities. It primarily supports Python with limited support for other programming languages.
  • Sourcegraph: An AI-powered coding platform for writing, editing, and reviewing code, featuring tools like Cody for code generation, Code Search for exploring the codebase, vulnerability detection, AI-powered chat, and auto-generation of unit tests.
  • Replit: An AI-assisted coding platform that supports over twenty programming languages, providing features like Ghostwriter for auto-complete suggestions, proactive debugging, in-IDE chat, and rapid deployments.
  • Codiga: A customizable static code analysis tool that supports various IDEs and frameworks, offering features like autofix code, code reviews, code metrics, dependency scanning, and custom analysis rules.

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