Fundraising Pitch – Series A

Calling all startup founders. Gather your company's mission statement, vision, market opportunity, and more into one powerful place with our Series A Fundraising Pitch template.

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Fundraising Pitch Series A Template – Mission Section
Fundraising Pitch Series A Template – Opportunity Section
Fundraising Pitch Series A Template – Roadmap Section

About this template

Tell your startup story with this template designed to help you secure that first round of funding. The fully customizable 20-page template lets you articulate your company's mission and vision and communicate to investors the specific value your product or service delivers. There is ample space to outline the macro and micro trends that exist, present a competitive landscape to clarify the market opportunity, a place to list your startup's target customer demographics and space for customer testimonials, financials, the go-to-market strategy, and more. Each page is fully editable where you can add media and image tiles to flesh out your startup's story and mission statement to help you land funding.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkCompany Name
  • CheckmarkCompany Mission, Objective or Vision
  • CheckmarkProblem
  • CheckmarkSolution Tagline
  • CheckmarkMarket Opportunity
  • CheckmarkTarget Customer
  • CheckmarkOur Team
  • CheckmarkWhat Differentiates
  • CheckmarkYour Team's Advantages
  • CheckmarkCustomer Testimonials and Logos
  • CheckmarkImpact and Traction, Competitive Landscape, Business Model
  • CheckmarkRoadmap, GTM Strategy, Financials, Round Target, Thank You

Tell a powerful story

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