Tome for Creators & Freelancers
Everything you need
to tell your story, faster

Use Cases

Capabilities overviews

Make an impactful first impression as you add dimensions to the way you introduce yourself.

Client proposals

Submit bids quickly and help prospective partners see why you’re the right business choice.

Progress updates

Polished and professional shareouts that keep clients informed.


Create dynamic pages that look great on mobile and can be updated in seconds.

Personal portfolios

Share key stats and showcase your voice to make a connection with potential partners.

Stand out from the crowd when the stakes are high

Try something new with AI

Use AI to draft full presentations on any topic in seconds, giving you a head start on even the most daunting challenges.

Be your own designer

Tome looks like the future, with an intuitive design system that makes it easy to change things and add your own spin.

Share like it’s 2024

Send a link or QR code and your work will flex to any screen. And add video narration to give your ideas the voiceover they deserve.

Often the hardest part of a project is getting started. Tome allows us to actually focus on creative in the creative process.

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More use cases

Tome for Founders & Startups

Keep your team building as you grow your reputation

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Tome for Marketers

Get presentations on brand, on topic, and out the door

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Tome for Sales

Quick creation that gives you first-mover advantage

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Craft your next great idea.

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