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Can I embed content from other sources or tools into Tome?
Can I embed content from other sources or tools into Tome?

Use our embed tile to integrate content from your other tools or sources and create a single pane of truth.

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What can I embed into Tome?

Tome's embed tile allows you to paste any embeddable web link into this tile. Here are just some of the things you can add:

  • YouTube video

  • Spline interactive 3D model

  • Mode data dashboard

  • Typeform survey

  • Google Sheets

How do I do it?

To add this tile, click the more tiles button (icon with four little squares) on the right and click and drag the embed tile into your page.

You can also search and click on the "Add web tile" option from the command bar.

After adding the tile you will be prompted to enter a link to render into the tile.

Please note some sites do not support their content being embedded elsewhere. Also, we generally recommend:

  • ensuring the link is set to as much permissiveness as possible so as to allow for successful embedding

  • using a link from a site's embed sharing option (just the link! not all of the code).

To use an embed link, simply copy and paste the embed code but remove all the content up to the actual link from within the code.

  • GIPHY tile - embed GIFs

  • Twitter tile - embed Tweets

  • Figma tile - embed live Figma prototypes

  • Miro tile - embed live Miro boards

  • Airtable tile - embed relational databases

  • Framer tile - embed live web prototypes

  • Looker tile - embed live data dashboards

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