Tome for Marketers
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Use Cases

Sales pitches

Nail your narrative and help new customers see why you’re the right choice.

Landing pages

Who needs a website? Build multimedia pages that you can update in seconds.

Sales enablement

Prepare your sales team for success with rich resources that are always up-to-date.

Press kits

Help others tell your story accurately by sharing more dimensions of your business.

Case studies

Bring customer love to life with video, data, and interactive content.

Express new ideas with style and speed

Good design by default

Tome looks like the future. An intuitive design system makes it easy to build beautiful work starting with AI, a template, or a blank page.

Presentations that internet

From AI generation to Figma embeds, interactive 3D renderings to video narration, Tome acts like a webpage, but is easier to use than your slides tools.

Never not nimble

No more worrying about version control or device compatibility. Just send a link and update it live whenever you need to evolve your approach.

With Tome, I can express my scattered ideas freely and use the "rewrite" function to refine and unify them into a cohesive tone.

Lauren BashContent Creator, The Green Room

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Quick creation that gives you first-mover advantage

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Tome for Product Teams

Don’t make decks, make progress

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Craft your next great idea.

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