Tome for Product Teams
Don’t make decks, make progress

Use Cases

Product strategy

Explain the who, what, and why in less time with presentations that stick the landing.

Design reviews

Embed interactive mocks, metrics, and customer journeys to show the bigger picture.

User research

Build empathy & understanding with video testimonials, user stories, and quantitative data.

Team updates

Keep everyone in the loop as you document milestones and collaborate on plans.

Get everyone on the same page

Clarity in every pixel

Design sense is at the heart of Tome. All you have to do is type, drag, and drop to express an idea beautifully.

Don’t just say it, show it

Embed Figma files, Miro boards, Airtables, videos, websites and more. Multimedia is second nature.

Ideate with AI

AI in Tome is built for rapid iteration and effective storytelling. Get quick ideas for narrative structure, page content, and phrasing.

Tome has been a game changer. It’s a great presentation tool, but it’s also awesome for our internal process.

Sam Wilkes Creative Director & Co-Founder, PDA

More use cases

Tome for Sales

Quick creation that gives you first-mover advantage

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Tome for Founders & Startups

Build your reputation as you build the future

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Tome for Marketers

Get presentations on brand, on topic, and out the door

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Craft your next great idea.

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