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ChartGPT is a tool that utilizes GPT-4 Turbo by OpenAI for tasks such as table summarization and charting. In this article, we will share the key facts you need to know about Our team has gathered information to provide you with a straightforward and unbiased overview of the platform. So, let's explore what has to offer.

How much does cost? offers a Pay As You Go plan with various credit packages, but no specific monthly or annual plans. Credit packages include 500 credits for $4.99, 1,000 credits for $9.99, and 1,500 credits for $14.99. Check out their pricing page for more details

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Reviews of

Users have shared mixed opinions about ChartGPT on Product Hunt. Some users, like Udayraj Parmar, have praised the team's hard work and dedication, while others, such as Alvaro Caballero, have expressed concerns about the app's basic and buggy functionality. Despite the varying feedback, ChartGPT has an overall rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

Use cases for

Major use cases for include table summarization, charting, and text generation. Here are some more details on each:

  • Table summarization: Summarize tables from data sources like Google Sheets or Excel.
  • Charting: Create charts in various programming languages such as Python, R, JavaScript, Julia, and MATLAB.
  • Text generation: Generate high-quality text for content creation, summaries, and translations.

For more information on and its features, visit the ChartGPT website.

Alternatives to

If you're looking for alternatives to, we've got you covered. Here are three similar apps:

  • EdrawMax: A versatile and user-friendly AI flowchart generator that can help you create visually appealing and easy-to-understand flowcharts.
  • Wondershare: Offers a range of products, including video editing tools, diagramming tools, PDF solutions, and data management tools, to enhance your productivity and streamline workflows.
  • GPTbyMail: A feature within that allows you to chat with the AI model GPT directly through your email client, making it easy to access AI assistance on the go.

Explore these alternatives to find the best fit for your needs and enhance your productivity in various tasks.

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