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Tome is the leading AI-native research and presentation platform for sales and marketing teams.

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AI template fill

Instantly personalize decks with AI.

Streamline your sales process by automating sales research and deck personalization. Available for Enterprise only.

Data sources

Leverage your company's intelligence.

Whether it's notes from a Gong call or revenue data from Salesforce, Tome processes internal and external data to automate manual work.

Viewer analytics

Analyze what's working in the field.

What matters, and what’s missing? Analyze how much time is being spent on each page, and where viewers are dropping off.

A fast and
intelligent format.

Ultra fast, bulletproof editing
Instantly personalize with AI and video
Embed interactive prototypes, media, and more


on any device.

Easy link sharing

Whether on the go or working remotely, your prospects can open and view your presentations directly in a mobile browser—no additional software needed.

Looks great anywhere

Tome's mobile-responsive layout system guarantees that your slides adjust perfectly to fit screens of any size, from desktop monitors to smartphones.

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Tome makes it possible for us to deliver persuasive, personalized pitches to every customer, helping us move deals along faster and close more of them.

Reed McGinley-StempelCo-Founder, Stytch



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AI features not included.

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Everything in Professional, plus: 
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Feature: Layout Automation

Layout automation

Create effective designs with minimal effort. Tome is built on an intelligent & flexible design system that makes sure your work always looks great.

Feature: Engagement Analytics

Engagement analytics

Page and viewer-level data to show you who's paying attention (and where they're not).

Feature: Generative Presentations

Generative presentations

Create a multimedia first draft of your presentation with a detailed prompt. Fine-tune the outputs page by page, or simply generate the entire presentation outline.

Feature: Interactive Embeds

Interactive embeds

Incorporate Figma files, YouTube videos, live dashboards and more into your story. For enterprise-grade integrations, contact our sales team.

Feature: AI Text

AI text generation

Whether you're making small tweaks or big updates, you can quickly generate new text, edit it, or ask for rewrites in a specific style.

Feature: AI Personalization

AI personalization

Bring your key materials into Tome, then use AI to instantly personalize them. Available to Enterprise customers only.

Feature: Import & Improve

Import & improve

Skip hours of manual work — just import Google Docs, then quickly turn them into more engaging, multi-page presentations.

Feature: Custom Branding

Custom branding

Stay on aligned with your company's brand. Add logos, colors, and fonts to create work that matches your brand identity.

Feature: Charts & Drawing

Charts & drawing

Illustrate ideas and tell richer stories with data. You can now tap into Tome's AI to generate presentations with charts as strong starting points.

Feature: AI Image Generation

AI image generation

Create one-of-a-kind images using Stable Diffusion's SDXL 1.0, or pull from Unsplash's vast photo library.

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