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ActionVFX Cuts Costs and Boosts Sales with Tome

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by Tome
Jan 2, 2024
Jan 3 1:13pm ET

When artists working on TV series, movies, or games wanted to include stock footage of a fiery explosion or rain against windows, they didn’t have many options. Filmmaker and visual effects artist Luke Thompson co-founded ActionVFX to change that. The company has built a massive library of visual assets used by more than 300,000 creatives in everything from the Netflix shows Narcos and Wednesday to the Marvel movie, Avengers: Endgame.

Thompson and his team needed to create visual presentations in order to brainstorm internally and pitch new products and packages, but they were frustrated by legacy solutions that felt slow and technologically dated. ActionVFX started using Tome to build better presentations faster and the operations team quickly saw reduced costs and higher sales.

Using Tome led to a 50% reduction in the time our operations team spends on creating presentations as compared to traditional methods we used. The platform has also been instrumental in securing us hundreds of thousands of dollars in closed deals.

Luke ThompsonCOO, ActionVFX

AI-powered presentations for stronger sales pitches

When Thompson began using Tome to create presentations for internal communication and external pitches, one immediate benefit was speed: With Tome’s AI-powered templates, the team could create engaging, stylish presentations much faster. “I’m always looking through a productivity scope. How quickly can I get this thing done so that I can move on to other stuff?” Thompson said.

Tome also helped Thompson’s distributed workforce collaborate across geographic locations and time zones. “If we have a vision meeting and want to make sure everyone is on the same page, Tome helps us centralize on a single source of truth,” he said. “It helps us visually communicate thoughts and ideas in a very personable way, and we can easily share and edit the same document while working remotely.”

💡 Tome Tips

Sharing is easy and seamless. Here's how.

  • Click the Share button on the top right of your workspace.
  • Copy a public share link, add email addresses of selected recipients.
  • You can also generate a QR code for your tome.
  • Tome links look great on social media platforms, so don't be shy.

The tool also allowed ActionVFX to more effectively convey its offerings to potential customers and collaborators. The presentations Thompson’s team created looked more polished, engaging, and approachable than previous versions, an important consideration for a company in a visual industry.

“I’m a big fan of the tiny details that allow us to better communicate videos, images, and animations, like GIFs,” Thompson said. “Still images can be cool, but they don’t properly communicate how interesting or visually appealing some of the things we offer are, because our products are visual. And that’s just baked in with Tome.”

💡 Tome Tips

The palette button, located in the toolbar to the right of your workspace, allows you to customize the look and feel of your presentation. There’s a robust menu of visual themes that you can experiment with or you can create a custom color. Apply your choices to your entire tome or to specific pages.

Design tip: Use different page background colors (or themes) to delineate covers, section headers, etc. One way to do this:

  • Create 2 (or more) themes and apply the main theme to the whole tome.
  • Then apply your alt theme to the cover, section header, or statement page.

Thompson also appreciated how simple Tome was to use and teach to his team members. “It’s just easy,” he said. “That’s why I would encourage other people to use it — it’s very intuitive.”

Higher sales, lower costs with Tome

Using Tome resulted in more than beautiful presentations for ActionVFX—it directly improved the company’s bottom line by reducing costs and attracting new customers and collaborators.

The visual presentation space was so broken. Tome aimed high and focused there so they could solve this huge legacy problem.

Luke ThompsonCOO, ActionVFX

Having seen Tome evolve since its launch, Thompson says he is excited to continue watching the tool’s capabilities expand. “Good startups like Tome just keep pushing and moving forward quickly based on user feedback.”

Ready to get started creating your own sales pitches? Tome’s templates give you a head start on the way to polished, professional presentations.

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