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Climate Activist Lauren Bash Uses Tome to Promote Sustainability

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by Tome
Feb 1, 2024
6:47pm ET

Lauren Bash had always loved the ocean; in 2020, protecting it became her life’s work. That year, she left her corporate job to become a full-time environmentalist. Her tool of choice: social media content—everything from skits to cooking videos to infographics—which she shares with hundreds of thousands of mostly Millennial and Gen Z followers on Instagram and TikTok. Bash also educates students and climate advocates about using social media to promote environmental causes.

Tome helps Bash get her message across through sleek storyboards and presentations that she can whip up quickly thanks to customizable templates and AI tools.

I’m trying to engage folks who aren’t in the climate space to feel welcomed into the movement by making content digestible. Tome democratizes beautiful visuals. It lets you translate your work visually so that other folks can engage with it.

Lauren BashEnvironmentalist, Content Creator

The trouble with archaic, inefficient visual tools

Visuals are critical to Bash’s work — for storyboarding shoots and conveying ideas to clients who sponsor her posts, as well as creating educational materials, event fliers, and invitations. But the traditional tools she used to create decks, presentations, and other visuals felt inefficient and archaic. She toggled among numerous tabs while doing research, and adding images required downloading them and dropping them in manually. And there was no way to embed video directly into slides.

Designing presentations and writing text was also slow, since Bash had to do everything from scratch. The stuffy look and feel of templates on traditional platforms didn’t reflect the clean, modern vibe of her brand or social channels, so she spent a lot of time customizing presentations. And because the final product didn’t fully capture the visual aspects of video and social media, Bash wondered whether clients always understood her vision. “The templates were very outdated, so my options for presenting something engaging and aesthetically entertaining were very limited,” she said. “My message wasn’t clearly conveyed.”

💡 Tome Tips

What’s possible for founders, entrepreneurs and business owners in Tome? The Founders category in our template gallery contains bespoke templates designed to visually inspire and help communicate your business objectives faster. They’re also free, fully editable with AI, downloadable as a PDF, and more.

Fundraising Pitch - Series A template

  • A comprehensive 20-page template designed to help you tell your startup story from start to finish.

Startup Investor Update template

  • Use this template to give your investors a high-level look at the past quarter (or beyond) of your business.

Early Stage Seed Pitch Deck template

  • Built-in modules are designed to help express the impact your business will have, delve into details like your market size, and get you on the path to funding.

Engaging, AI-powered presentations

After a friend introduced Bash to Tome, she used the tool to create a presentation about climate communications for Harvard students. Bash immediately noticed that Tome’s templates and functionality made her research and creation process more efficient.

Tome feels like an extension of a search engine, so I don’t need to have a million tabs open. I can do all my research without leaving the app, and the amount of time Tome has saved me is absolutely insane. The templates look editorial, and the vibe is engaging and inspiring. It feels seamless to drop my message into things that are already rad.

Lauren BashEnvironmentalist, Content Creator

Tome’s AI-powered text feature has also helped Bash put her ideas into words. “I can drop all my ideas into Tome, highlight the text, and say, ‘Rewrite this,’” she said. “It helps me formulate my thoughts and unify them into a cohesive tone.”

The Harvard students loved her talk, and Bash now repurposes the template for other lectures and webinars. She also relies on Tome to make mood boards for clients and video productions. Bash says using Tome has made her more productive and helped her express ideas more effectively—ultimately enhancing her impact in the field she’s passionate about. “I’ve gotten really positive feedback from clients,” Bash said. “They say, ‘I get this idea and want to move forward’ much faster.”

💡 Tome Tips

You can copy-edit using Tome’s AI. Most of us talk to our friends differently than we do with our bosses. Shifting our tone and style can be done in Tome in seconds. Here’s how:

  • Rewrite (highlight the text you wish to change and get a swift rewrite—Keep or Try again).
  • Adjust tone (select any text and choose from five different inflections—friendly, persuasive, neutral, etc.).
  • Reduce (highlight any text you want to see shortened).

Extend (select text to expand your sentences and thinking).

Visit Tome 101 to get even more presentation strategy and design tips.

Currently, Bash is using Tome in yet another way: to build out the preproduction process for a short documentary about her late father and the benefits of a plant-based diet. She plans to use the tome to brief potential interviewees, support fundraising efforts, and market her film. “Instead of it being a bunch of text, it feels like you’re watching the film through the tome without it being created yet,” she said. “Tome is how you translate the work you’re doing so that other folks can engage with it.”

Ready to create your own pitch decks or storyboards? Tome’s AI-powered templates make it easy to start producing your own modern, engaging presentations.

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