Tome for Founders & Startups
Break through the noise
by getting to great work faster

Use Cases


From angel raises to Series Z, present your investment case crisply and clearly.

Sales pitches

Win new business with a modern approach to storytelling that’s easy to customize.


Who needs a website? Build multimedia pages that you can update in seconds.

Investor updates

Ditch the long email and share a fuller picture of your business, from feature mocks to revenue dashboards.

Recruiting & hiring

Launch a careers page in less time than it takes to send your first cold outreach email.

Express new ideas with style and speed

Project confidence on every page

Design sense is at the heart of Tome. All you have to do is type, drag, and drop to express an idea beautifully.

Ideate with AI

AI in Tome is built for rapid iteration and effective storytelling. Get quick ideas for narrative structure, page content, and phrasing.

Work that fits anywhere

Present on the main stage, or text a link. Tome’s adaptive UI flexes to any screen.

I measure production value as the amount of effort x the quality that comes out. Tome has some of the highest production value I’ve ever experienced.

Colin TreselerCEO & Co Founder, Supernormal

More use cases

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Don’t make decks, make progress

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Tome for Marketers

Get presentations on brand, on topic, and out the door

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Tome for Sales

Quick creation that gives you first-mover advantage

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Craft your next great idea.

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