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Can I use tome in a language other than English?
Can I use tome in a language other than English?

Learn how to set your preferred language in Tome's interface.

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Interface language

Tome does support changing the language of Tome's interface from a user's account settings.

Your language should be set automatically but you may also set it manually by

  • going to while logged in

  • clicking on your account in the top left

  • clicking settings

  • clicking on your name in the top left

  • selecting the language of choice from the options available

AI Actions

Tome’s AI actions don’t reliably support languages besides English. While you are welcome to try using prompts in other languages, Tome cannot guarantee resulting content will be in the same language as the prompt.

In the future we hope to support additional languages in the interface along with prompts and outputs in more languages. If you'd like to let us know which languages we should prioritize supporting please reach out to us via the support chat in the bottom right!

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