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How to use Tome? A step by step guide
How to use Tome? A step by step guide

Use Tome to create stunning presentations instantly following this step by step guide.

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What is Tome?

Tome is an AI-powered canvas that’s built to help you shape & share your ideas. Its intelligent, flexible format lets you create anything from presentations, one-pagers, landing pages, portfolios, mood boards, and tons of other content.

How to get started with Tome

Step 1: Click on Generate with AI in the top right-hand corner of your workspace.

  • You can also use a template or doc to get started.

  • Click on the Templates tab from your workspace to find a template and add your own spin to it.

  • Click the Import Doc button to import a Google Doc to create a presentation.

Step 2: Write your prompt and click Generate Outline to submit your prompt to Tome's AI.

Clicking Generate Outline and submitting your prompt will take you to an outline of topics that Tome's AI created based on your prompt. You can edit, remove, re-order and add new topics.

Pro tip: you can use this outline view to influence the number of pages in your presentation!

After you've finished reviewing the outline, you can decide whether you want to select the layouts for each page (slower, but more control) or allow Tome to generate the pages for you (faster, but less control).

If you decide to select the layouts for each page, you will see four options for each page that correspond to different layouts and content for the outline topic.

Whether you decided to let Tome make the pages for you or choose the pages yourself you'll wind up with a presentation that you can work with!

Step 3: Edit manually

  • Select from tile types on the right to add your preferred content type

  • Change the theme of your tome presentation using the paint palette button

  • Highlight text and use AI edit to rewrite copy, adjust its tone, reduce or extend its length, and fix spelling and grammar

Tome’s tile system and layout editor

Tome uses a tile system to lay out and arrange content. This means that all content is represented and arranged by tiles. To learn more this, check out this article to learn about different kinds of tiles and this article to learn about how you can re-arrange the content on your page.

Click anywhere on a tile once to select the tile. Click the "..." button towards the upper center of the tile to adjust the properties of the tile.

Step 4: Sharing and exporting your tome

Granting view access

The easiest way to share your tome is to:

  • Open the "Share" menu in the top right of your tome

  • set the sharing setting for "Anyone with the link" to "Can play"

  • copy your tome’s URL

  • send it to your recipient.

They will have view access by default and do not need an account to access it. You do not have to worry about recipients editing it because the link does not grant edit permission.

Granting edit access

To invite teammates to collaborate with you on a tome, you can invite them via the “Share” button in the top right. Note that teammates will need to sign up for a Tome account to make edits.

Downloading your tome

Tome Pro customers can download their tomes as PDF. To export your tome, click the “…” button in the top right and select the “Export to PDF” option. Tome does not currently support exporting to other formats, such as .PPT but you can edit, present and share from Tome.

Summary of Tome’s AI features:

Leverage AI to transform your work. Tome’s key AI features include:

  • Create a presentation or page: Utilize a text prompt to produce a one-pager, a presentation, a landing page, and more.

  • Document to presentation: Generate a presentation derived from a document.

  • AI edit/rewrite: Employ AI to refine the tone and wording of your content.

  • AI references: Conduct web searches for references using AI.

  • AI images: Create an image by providing a text prompt to the AI.

Example of AI references in Tome.

Is Tome free? Tome plans and pricing

When you sign up for Tome you will automatically be on the free tier, which does not grant AI access. Use AI without limits in Tome by upgrading to Tome Pro for $16 per teammate / month if paying annually ($20 per teammate per month if paying monthly). You’ll also get the ability to upload a custom logo and export your work to PDF on Tome’s Pro plan.

To learn more about Tome’s plans and pricing, especially if you’d like to upgrade to Tome Pro, check out the Tome Pro offering page.

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