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Importing content to Tome
Can I import files to generate a presentation using Tome?
Can I import files to generate a presentation using Tome?

Get your existing work into Tome quickly by using our "Document to Presentation" feature.

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Tome doesn't support uploading, importing or generally using files, media, links or webpages for presentation generation yet. This also means that Tome does not yet support enhancing, improving or refining existing presentations.

However, Tome does support entering or pasting a large amount of text for the AI assistant to create a presentation from via our "Document to Presentation" feature. This means that you can use the text from files, media, links or webpages to create content in tome even though you cannot use the original artifact directly.

Accessing the Document to Presentation feature

To access the "Document to Presentation" feature you can open the command bar by clicking on it or by keyboard shortcut (cmd + k on mac, ctrl + k on windows) and then searching and selecting the "document to presentation" option.

Using the Document to Presentation feature

To use a file or a website to generate content in Tome, you can copy and paste text from those same text files or websites into Tome to create content. Your content will then be generated into different pages according to the sections of the text you inputted.

We recommend adding additional details and context to your pre-written content to get the most out of the feature. You can specify details like the desired number of pages, what image style for our AI to use, or what sort of audience you're presenting to.

After the presentation is generated, you are able to add and edit the content in your tome either by using Tome’s AI features or manually. You can add images, text, video, live web tiles, and more to your Tome.

Pro tip: Oftentimes, there is a way to get a textual representation for seemingly non-text input. Examples include transcripts of interviews or podcasts or reports summarizing tabular data.

Future improvements

While you are only able to generate a presentation from a text input for now, our team is interested in and working on expanding to support more inputs for content generation. If you have feedback you'd like to share, send us a message via the "?" button in the bottom right. We'd love to hear from you!

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