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Using AI in Tome
Create presentations with AI in Tome
Create presentations with AI in Tome

Make a presentation complete with content and layout, fast, with Tome's "Create a Presentation" feature.

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Discover how Tome's AI streamlines presentation creation, helping you express your ideas faster. This article will show you how to access Tome's AI presentation feature and how to best use it to quickly create great presentations.

How to access the feature

The fastest way to create a new presentation using AI in Tome is to go to and click on the Generate with AI button (you do need to be signed into your Tome account). This will open the Prompt Window.

If you are editing a Tome presentation, you can open the command bar and select the "Create presentation about" option by either clicking on it or searching for it.

Prompt Window, explained

In the Prompt Window, you'll see a space on the left to write your prompt. Your prompt is basically your request for Tome's AI to generate a presentation.

On the right you'll see sample prompts curated by Tome. Use these sample prompts to inspire your creativity and get a sense of how detailed you can be when working with Tome's AI. Clicking on a sample prompt will fill in the prompt window on the left, but not submit the prompt. You can edit this prompt to tailor it to your presentation.

Feel free to be very detailed with your prompt. You can specify things like:

  • Topics to cover in the presentation

  • What style of images you want

  • Whether to include charts or diagrams

  • Text formatting, such as bullets

  • How many pages to include

We like to think of working with Tome's AI like working with another human: the more context you give the better it will perform!

Note: We're working on improving Tome's AI all the time. If there's something you think it can improve on, please let us know! Get in touch with us at [email protected], we'd love to hear from you!

Creating a presentation

When you've finished writing your prompt and are ready to submit it, you can click the Generate outline button at the bottom left of the Prompt window.

Tome's AI will then create an outline of topics related to the prompt.

You can further edit this outline by:

  • clicking into a topic and typing to edit

  • clicking and dragging the handle on the right edge to re-order a topic

  • clicking the "-" button (shows upon hover) to remove a topic

  • clicking the "+" button to add a new topic

After you're happy with your outline, you can select either:

  • Choose layouts, which will enable you to choose what pages you want Tome to add to your presentation.

  • or Generate all pages, which will have Tome's AI automatically produce the entire presentation immediately.

The Choose layouts process is slower, but affords more control over the presentation Tome's AI will produce whereas Generate all pages is a faster process but doesn't afford the same level of control. Choose the path that best fits your needs!

Choosing layouts

If you selected the Choose layouts option Tome's AI will take you into a process where it will present four possible pages for each topic from the original outline.

Click on each of the different pages to preview it, and then click the Next Page button to save the selected page. You may also click the πŸ” button to have Tome's AI to produce four new pages for you to choose from if you didn't like any of the pages.

You can continue to individually select pages to fill out the presentation, or at any point you can click the Generate all pages button to have Tome's AI use its own judgement to produce the rest of the presentation.

Pro tip: when selecting pages in Choose layouts you can click on the actual page above the layout options to edit the page!

Editing the output

Maybe you don't love everything about what Tome's AI created. That's okay! Tome supports (and encourages) you to continue to edit the presentation through its rich suite of manual editing features. Check out these articles to learn more about editing your tome:

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