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How to use the command bar
How to use the command bar

Pages, presentations, document to presentation, templates & more!

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Once you click the Create button from your workspace, hit ⌘K (or Ctrl-K for Windows) to open the command bar and perform a wide range of actions:

  • Create pages, presentations, narratives, landing pages, stories, and outlines with AI.

  • Transform documents into presentations.

  • Create images with AI or search from photography libraries.

  • Add any kind of tile, including text, image, table, or one of our integrations.

  • Change themes, record narration, export to PDF, and rename your tome.

  • Chat with our support team and access this getting started guide

💡 Pro tip: you can scroll to find a command or start typing to search for one.

Generate a presentation with AI

Select Create presentation about… from the command bar and enter a prompt to generate a presentation, complete with text and images.

Once you've submitted your prompt, you can edit the outline. Once the outline is complete, tome will generate 4 variations of each page from the outline. Hover over each variation to see what it focuses on.

Learn more about this feature here: Creating Presentations with AI

Create on your own

Start with a blank page and drag-and-drop tiles with any kind of content. You can also press the + button on the right side of your screen to open the tile selector.

Start with a template

Click on the Templates tab from your workspace to find a template and add your own spin to it.

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