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Relive favorite moments with the beautifully designed Photo Album template.

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Photo Album Template – Story Section

About this template

Introducing the Photo Album template in Tome. With its elegant and versatile design, our free photo album template provides the perfect canvas to showcase your photos. You can customize the layout, add text captions, and incorporate your own unique styles. Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, this template caters to all, making it an ideal choice for both personal and professional use. The user-friendly interface lets you create a seamless flow, guiding your audience through a visual narrative that captures your favorite moments and more.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkModular Photo Board Section
  • CheckmarkCaption and quotes layout
  • CheckmarkText and image layout
  • CheckmarkImage-only layout

Tell a powerful story

  • Double Sparkle (tome icon)Editable with AI
  • Page Portrait (tome icon)Narrative Guidance
  • Share (tome icon)Share or link anywhere
  • Text (tome icon)Beautiful typography
  • Multiple Pages (tome icon)Automatic mobile layout
  • Download (tome icon)Downloadable as a PDF
  • Double Sparkle (tome icon)AI layout generation
  • Reference (tome icon)AI reference sourcing
  • Add Person (tome icon)Real-time collaboration

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