Social Media Plan

Tome’s Social Media Plan template will help you put together an effective playbook for the brand to live by.

Social Media Plan - Cover
Social Media Plan - Overview
Social Media Plan - Demographic
Social Media Plan - Analysis

About this template

Use this template to outline the social strategy across platforms and how it ladders up to business objectives. It contains badges for six of the major social media platforms with corresponding text to detail how each is used. Map out where your brand falls in the competitive landscape using a visually compelling scatter plot chart. You’ll have plenty of slides to go through campaign ideas, including the platforms, execution plan, and expected budget. Add in assets from the creative team to make the document feel on-brand. For a breakdown of deliverables and timeline, you can use a variety of our integration tiles or try Tome’s Charts feature to showcase more social data. All fonts, images, and colors are editable.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkHigh-level overview
  • CheckmarkObjectives
  • CheckmarkChannels
  • CheckmarkDemographic
  • CheckmarkCompetitive Analysis
  • CheckmarkCampaign Ideas
  • CheckmarkDeliverables and timeline
  • CheckmarkKPIs

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