Usability Testing Plan

For UX design teams and researchers ready to test their product, Tome’s Usability Testing Plan template makes it easy.

Usability Testing Plan - Intro
Usability Testing Plan - Evaluation Metrics
Usability Testing Plan - Aims Goals
Usability Testing Plan - Tools

About this template

This Usability Testing template will allow you to outline the entire scope of your project. With a comprehensive 12-slide format, you’ll have all the space and guidance you need to put together an impressive document. Introduce your product and the aims and goals of this test, then move into the logistics of how you’ll execute on it. Fill out an embedded chart with the timeline of the project. You can add links to the tools you’ll use in this test, like Google Docs, Zoom, and more. Then breakdown the nitty gritty methods, sample size, and tasks the user was asked to complete. Then, display the results of your testing with specific number call outs. You can also build and add in graphs that illustrate the data using Tome’s Charts feature.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkProduct information
  • CheckmarkAims & goals
  • CheckmarkLogistics
  • CheckmarkTimeline
  • CheckmarkTools
  • CheckmarkTest format
  • CheckmarkSample size
  • CheckmarkUser tasks
  • CheckmarkEvaluation metrics
  • CheckmarkUsability report
  • CheckmarkNext steps

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