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A Music Entrepreneur Sees Booking and Sponsorship Success with Tome

Maximino Perez, founder of Mighty One Music, shares how he creates compelling AI presentations and makes it a family affair.

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by Tome
Dec 21, 2023
7:49pm ET

Meet the Creator

As an independent music entrepreneur, Maximino Perez is used to doing it all: producing music, pitching collaborators, and promoting the recording artists Devan Ibiza and Mia Lailani—who also happen to be his children.

Visual presentations are key for everything from storyboarding music videos to attracting clients and sponsors. Electronic press kits in particular are crucial for securing opportunities for Devan and Mia, including bookings, media coverage, and partnerships. Perez, founder of the label Mighty One Music, didn’t have the bandwidth to produce all of these decks manually.

In an industry where people are often on the go, he also needed a way to easily share compelling, multimedia presentations on mobile. Perez turned to Tome’s AI-powered capabilities to quickly craft, edit, and share polished presentations in a mobile-friendly format. “Using Tome makes us look and move like a bigger company,” Perez said.

Maximizing marketing impact with Tome

Tome helped Perez maximize the efficiency and reach of his marketing. Working in the music industry, Perez valued Tome’s ability to seamlessly incorporate video, sound clips, and other media. Sleek templates allowed him to quickly “fill in the blanks” to tell an engaging story, and using Tome’s AI features to source images and refine text saved him hours of labor.

Tome empowers artists to narrate the story behind their art, encompassing both music and visuals. The AI feature that lets you expand or shorten a paragraph, and allows you to adjust the tone is an exceptional tool that we’ve found immensely beneficial.

Maximino PerezFounder of Mighty One Music

Perez also relies on Tome to pitch creative music ideas and new business ventures. Recently, he used the tool to pitch the Notorious B.I.G.’s estate on the concept of an AI-generated record featuring the late rapper.

Whenever an idea strikes, Tome lets us narrate that story easily with visuals and audio, making our pitch more compelling to potential clients. The Record narration feature is particularly invaluable, allowing us to delve deeper into presentations and provide a comprehensive understanding of our vision.

Maximino PerezFounder, Mighty One Music

Perez also appreciated how easily he could tailor presentations to different audiences and share them with people on the move.

Effective visuals that win opportunities and clients

Sharing an electronic press kit through Tome has helped Perez land more opportunities for Devan and Mia. For example, sending Devan’s press kit to potential clients resulted in a 75% success rate in securing bookings for his DJ business and a gig at an 8,000-person event at Columbia University. Mia’s press kit has led to discussions with two major independent labels that are considering signing her.

Perez and his partner, Mr. Moe, also used Tome to create a deck aimed at promoting their client, the Puerto Rico Steady Festival in New York.

Our client used our tome as their pitch deck for awareness, media attention, and fundraising. This successfully generated about $100,000 in sponsorships within a month and a half—much faster than expected.

Maximino PerezFounder, Mighty One Music

Perez can’t imagine going back to static websites or cold emails: “Tome has revolutionized our presentation approach and been a significant player in how we tell our story.”

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