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All the space you need to spotlight your business or product’s value including success metrics in Tome’s comprehensive Case Study template.

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About this template

Capture the attention of potential clients with Tome’s Case Study template, designed to highlight the heavy-hitting impact your product had. Create a compelling narrative with a look at the successful metrics and hard numbers you drove in this case study alongside eye-grabbing headlines. Fill in details about the challenge you faced, key info on the target audience or customer base, and the solution you provided with the product built. There is ample space for punchy headlines and images to further illustrate your business and/or product.

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Expert Tips

What is a case study?

A case study is an in-depth look at an individual or organization. Often they’re used to show the value of a product or service with real-life examples. Your company might walk potential customers through a breakdown of your current client’s success with a particular product. That can be a compelling way to market your products and grow your business.

Case studies are often found on company websites or white papers—or presented directly to potential clients. The key is creating an easily digestible document or presentation that succinctly conveys the value of your product or service. A case study template is a quick way to craft a compelling case study that’s ready to show to clients.

How long should a case study be?

Often a case study is a written document. This is the case when it’s embedded in a white paper or another promotional document. The traditional length for these case studies is 500–1,000 words. That length can provide enough detail without overwhelming the reader.

However, your case studies don’t need to be a full-length document. Instead, consider creating a visual presentation. This format can help you create a powerful narrative that’s going to stick with your audience. After all, images and numbers are more memorable. Utilizing them within your case study can help you capture the value you’re trying to show. Try this case study template to see how compelling your case study can become.

How to write a case study

Let’s dive into how to create your own case study using this Tome template.

  1. Write a compelling headline.

  • Start with a headline that immediately tells your audience exactly what they can expect. Think of it like an email subject line. You want to convey your main message in only a sentence—that way your readers understand exactly what’s inside even if they read no further. This case study template draws attention to the headline and makes it front and center.
  1. Give an overview of the case study.

  • Next up is the overview slide. This section is an opportunity to briefly summarize the main point of the entire case study. The overview is also your chance to introduce some key stats. Adding numbers is a powerful way to show the concrete value of your products. Potential buyers can see exactly what benefits the case study client experienced.
  • The Tome case study template provides you with spaces for a brief paragraph, some key numbers, and context for the stats. It’s designed to give your clients a snapshot of the entire presentation.
  1. Introduce the client.

  • After setting the stage, it’s time to explain who the client in the case study is. Outline what they do and their target customers. You might even outline the demographics of their audience. Explain some key characteristics of their business strategy and how they were performing prior to working with your company. The Tome template provides an easy way to showcase your star customer.
  1. Present the problem.

  • Your products or services are designed specifically to solve problems. No case study is complete without explaining the challenge your client faced. That perfectly sets you up to illustrate exactly how your company can solve that problem.
  1. Detail the solution.

  • Once you’ve set everything up, it’s time to address how your product met the client’s specific needs. Outline your product details and how the customer utilized each one in their own business strategy. With Tome, you can add AI-generated images that make this section more impactful.
  1. Show the results.

  • Arguably the most important part of the entire case study is the results. This slide is where you sell your product. It’s where your audience sees how your product solves real-world problems. A well-made results slide can motivate your potential buyer to try your product because they can visualize what you can do for them. The Tome template makes this section the centerpiece of your entire presentation.
  1. End with a call to action.

  • Finally, give your audience something to do. After seeing the results, they’re likely motivated. Use that momentum and drive them to convert. You might encourage them to try a demo or to get in touch with your sales team. The Tome template provides an easy way to include your team’s information.

Transform your case study with AI

A well-designed case study can be a powerful tool to build your business and sell your services. It’s a way to show a potential buyer exactly what your team offers and the results they might expect. The key is creating an effective case study presentation. To save you time, Tome provides a case study template. This template gives you these advantages:

  • Powerful AI that generates text and images
  • Pre-built slides beautiful typography options
  • Real-time collaboration and sharing capabilities

Improve your case studies with AI from Tome. Try the template.

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