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About this template

Organize, execute and track your marketing plan with this dynamic go-to-market strategy template. Designed for marketers looking to present their team their new vision and plan for its implementation, this template boasts a dynamic array of features. All images, fonts, and colors are editable. Utilize text-on-image functionality to tell a strong visual story. There’s plenty of space to provide detail about the audience specifics, objectives, and strategy. You can also make use of a helpful table that breaks down the budget into line items. Embed links to other documents or tools if desired.

Template outline

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Expert Marketing Plan Tips

Why use a marketing plan template?

Reviewing your team’s marketing strategy is essential for staying relevant and competitive in your market. And even if this only happens once a year, it can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a strong template to help streamline the process. Key to staying ahead of consumer preferences? Regularly update your marketing plan whether it’s annual, biannual or monthly. A marketing plan template helps establish a structured process for reviewing industry trends so that you can effectively revise and adapt your strategy to align with the shifting landscape. The template helps you identify areas for improvement in your current strategy and incorporate new insights moving forward. It provides a framework that guides you through the essential components of a comprehensive marketing strategy and helps you to prevent oversights and focus on the most important elements.

Tome’s marketing plan template is easy to update as you track your goals. This template is designed to be flexible and adaptable to changes in your industry through seamlessly integrated AI capabilities, flexible text tiles, embed interactive content, and even AI drawing functionalities. You can easily modify the template as needed to reflect your new goals based on market conditions. If you want to stay agile in the face of emerging opportunities, a digital marketing plan template is a great place to start.

The best part? Our template serves as a centralized document where you can track progress and monitor performance. By revisiting at regular intervals, keep your marketing efforts on track and achieve your goals more efficiently.

How to write a marketing plan

A marketing plan template helps you stay on track with prioritizing the most important pieces of the puzzle. Implementing your marketing plan then becomes easier as you use the guide to help you stay on track and make adjustments as you go.

The hardest part of writing a marketing plan is knowing where to start. These seven steps help you stay organized when writing a marketing plan, and walk you through how to best take advantage of our template.

  1. Situational analysis: Although there is not a specific section on the template for a situational analysis, it is an important step to perform before you dive into crafting your marketing strategy. This often involves a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. Once you gain an understanding of your current position in the market, you can identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Target audience: The next step in the process is determining your target audience. Understanding the demographics, behaviors, and pain points of your audience means you can tailor your messaging and marketing tactics more effectively. Many marketers rely on a variety of research methods to gather this information, including surveys, interviews, market research reports, and analytics data from existing customers.
  3. Objectives: Setting clear and measurable goals is another essential step in your marketing efforts. This marketing plan template can help you define your objectives by providing a framework that focuses on key areas. It also attaches relevant Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, to measure success. This element is important for making sure your goals are not only aspirational but also realistic and actionable.
  4. Strategy: Your strategy is the plan that you outline to accomplish your objectives. It includes things like the tactics and resources you’ll rely on to reach your target audience and accomplish your desired outcomes. Our template helps you think through the “what,” “why,” and overall business impact of your strategy. This is great for fostering strategic clarity.
  5. Budgeting and resources: Although you should have ambitious goals, setting a budget determines the financial parameters you have to work with so that you can allocate resources most effectively. This template breaks down expenses by campaigns and initiatives, ensuring that your resources are strategically allocated to maximize the ROI you see. It also allows marketers to consider other resources such as personnel, technology, and even the partnerships necessary for implementing the plan.
  6. Action plan: Once you have a strategy in mind, you will want to break it down into actionable steps. Doing so helps you effectively translate objectives into tangible results. Our marketing plan template includes a calendar feature that helps you identify and keep track of what needs to be done to achieve your goals. The actional plan ensures accountability so that your team can track your progress.
  7. Monitoring: Just like any other process, a marketing plan requires regular monitoring to make sure your efforts remain on track and align with your goals. A template is especially effective as a tool for monitoring performance and tracking key metrics. When you regularly monitor your progress, you can make timely adjustments to optimize your strategies.

Benefits of a strong marketing plan

The benefits of a well-crafted marketing plan extend far beyond mere conceptualization. Instead, it helps you understand your audience and see real-time results. The advantages of a strong plan include:

  • Focus on key personas: Understanding your target audience means you can tailor your tactics based on their motivations. This also means they are more likely to act on these motivations.
  • Identify the right metrics: Tracking the most relevant KPIs enables you to measure your success more accurately. These insights support data-driven decisions that optimize your team’s performance.
  • Align team actions: A clear marketing plan ensures that every team member is working towards the same goals, which leads to more effective collaboration across departments.
  • Track your progress towards outlined goals: You can make adjustments when you track the progress towards clearly defined objectives.
  • Save time and money: Streamline processes and minimize inefficiencies, all with a comprehensive marketing plan. This ultimately saves you both time and money.

Incorporating AI into the process when building your marketing plan can offer additional benefits. Tome’s marketing plan template includes features like AI writing assistance, image creation, and citations, which means faster idea articulation and improved quality. AI assistance can even help enhance creativity as these tools offer new perspectives. Leveraging AI for tasks like image generation can free up more of your time for strategic planning.

Use this template to streamline your marketing plan creation and experience the benefits for yourself.