Nonprofit Fundraising Pitch

Secure the financial support you need for your nonprofit’s next project using Tome’s fundraising template.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Pitch - Market
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Nonprofit Fundraising Pitch - How It Works

About this template

The Nonprofit Fundraising Pitch Deck template effectively underscores the value of your project to potential donors. The 13-slide template guides you through what your pitch should entail, making sure to clearly communicate the benefit to donors. Start with a summary, then lay out the problem and solution using headlines, subheadings, images, and video. Utilize Tome’s Text-on-Image tiles for added visual impact. Insert a flow chart from Miro that clearly outlines the benefit and fill out a chart that displays the return on investment. You can also insert a graph or chart that illustrates the market position of your nonprofit. All images, fonts, and colors are customizable.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkSummary
  • CheckmarkProblem
  • CheckmarkSolution
  • CheckmarkBusiness model
  • CheckmarkMarket
  • CheckmarkStory
  • CheckmarkTeam
  • CheckmarkAsk

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