One-Page Elevator Pitch

Use Tome’s template to help your cold outreach find a warm lead in no-time.

One Page Elevator Pitch Template - Intro
One Page Elevator Pitch Template - Pitch
One Page Elevator Pitch Template - CTA
One Page Elevator Pitch Template - Contact

About this template

Avoid your email getting lost in their inbox with this memorable one-page Elevator Pitch template. Quickly grab their attention with a strong lead image with punchy opening text over it. Then you’ll briefly introduce what you do, with helpful guidance on how to position your work to an unfamiliar audience. Insert your value proposition and underscore your sales pitch and the action you want them to take with bold headlines. You can link to your website and use the social icons to make sure they can see your social presence as well. All images, fonts, and colors are changeable.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkIntro
  • CheckmarkThe pitch
  • CheckmarkValue proposition
  • CheckmarkCall to action
  • CheckmarkContact

Tell a powerful story

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