Advertising Sales Pitch

Tome’s Advertising Sales Pitch template will show potential clients how your ideas are a cut above the rest.

Advertising Sales Pitch - Cover
Advertising Sales Pitch - ToC
Advertising Sales Pitch - Idea
Advertising Sales Pitch - Core Concept

About this template

Prepare a dynamic pitch of your campaign idea and illustrate its impact with this template. This comprehensive 14-slide deck presentation will guide you through the process of creative an effective pitch. It’s designed to host multiple types of media and has the capacity to integrate relevant timelines from other platforms. Slides are given clear titles with ample space to include supporting context and statistics.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkProblem
  • CheckmarkSolution
  • CheckmarkCustomer Demo
  • CheckmarkCompetition
  • CheckmarkGoals
  • CheckmarkThe Idea
  • CheckmarkReasons to Believe
  • CheckmarkMarketing Plan
  • CheckmarkBudget

Tell a powerful story

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