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Wireframe Template - Social Lockups
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About this template

Use this comprehensive template to guide you through all the components needed to effectively validate your ideas and get buy-in. Consider this template a kit to help you get all the details about your prototype in one place. Inside you’ll find 13 slides that cover the multiple lockups across platforms, button design, feature layouts, posts, pricing, testimonials, and more. Each slide has ample space to drop your designs and introduces each page with a clear title and headline, so your audience will know exactly what is being covered. Follow the flow to present your designs as a user would see them, from navigation to CTAs. Change the fonts and colors to your liking. This template has text-on-image functionality to more clearly explain certain features.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkNavigation
  • CheckmarkHero
  • CheckmarkSocial
  • CheckmarkButtons & cards
  • CheckmarkFeatures layouts
  • CheckmarkPosts (feed)
  • CheckmarkPricing
  • CheckmarkCustomer testimonial
  • CheckmarkCTA
  • CheckmarkImage grid
  • CheckmarkFooter

Tell a powerful story

  • Double Sparkle (tome icon)Editable with AI
  • Text (tome icon)Beautiful typography
  • Double Sparkle (tome icon)AI layout generation
  • Page Portrait (tome icon)Narrative Guidance
  • Multiple Pages (tome icon)Automatic mobile layout
  • Reference (tome icon)AI reference sourcing
  • Share (tome icon)Share or link anywhere
  • Download (tome icon)Downloadable as a PDF
  • Add Person (tome icon)Real-time collaboration