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A Creative Home Base: How Musician Enoch Created a Personal Radio Station with Tome

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by Tome
Nov 13, 2023
2:49pm ET

Meet the creator

What do you do when a hobby inspired by the pandemic lockdown leads to a following in the hundreds of thousands? That was the dilemma for Enoch, a London-based musician, producer, and composer, also known as Noxz.

Formerly a full-time architect and visual designer, Enoch now dedicates his days to creating layered and ethereal compositions, mashups, playlists, and beautifully produced videos that offer peeks into his process.

To help his new followers find all of his content—which is spread across platforms like Spotfiy, Apple Music, and Instagam—Enoch created Noxz Radio, a tome that serves a place for all things Noxz. In addition to his musical followers, Enoch holds brand partnerships that help support his business.

Keep reading to learn why we think NOXZ Radio works so well and the key Tome features Enoch used to bring his tome to life.

Tome’s flexible format is like a mood board for my mind. I was able to create a radio station slash landing page that I wouldn’t have been able to create anywhere else.

EnochMusician, Composer, and Producer

Take control of design

Enoch isn’t just making music, he’s building a visual brand that reflects the high energy of his compositions. That’s why, he says, he values the ability to customize the look and feel of his tome, starting with the background and text colors.

Because many listeners keep NOXZ Radio on as they go about their day, Enoch wanted it to look non-obtrusive. Taking a lesson from the color theory he uses in his architecture and design work, he chose a black background and pink text.

“People are so used to white text, which is so in your face, especially when you build the brightness on your screen. Pink is a softer touch,” he explains.

💡 Tome Tips

The palette button, in the toolbar to the right of your workspace, allows you to customize the look and feel of your tome. There’s a robust menu of visual themes that you can experiment with or you can create a custom color. Apply your choices to your entire tome or to specific pages.

Create an interactive experience

Enoch takes full advantage of Tome’s flexible format by using the embed feature to create an interactive showcase. NOXZ Radio allows visitors to listen to music directly from embedded playlists or by watching a music video from YouTube.

💡 Tome Tips

Tome is built on a tile system that makes it easy to add any kind of content without worrying about endless formatting. To embed media:

  • Select the button from the toolbar to the right of your workspace, and click the Embed tile.
  • Paste any embeddable web link into your selected tile.
  • You can also select buttons to embed files from specific tools like Figma and Miro.

Here are just some of the things you can add:

  • YouTube video
  • Typeform surveys
  • Live Figma prototypes
  • Live Miro boards

Check out How to Create a Great Presentation with AI in Tome for more tips.

Collaborate and share tomes with ease

On the business side of things, Enoch and his manager use Tome to easily and seamlessly share ideas on decks to pitch Enoch for collaborations and partnerships By working off the same tome, there’s never a question about who has the latest version, eliminating wasted time sending files back and forth.

My manager was tired of opening Photoshop and saving and downloading files. Tome is so much more user-friendly for nondesigners. It’s really easy to put things together and share. Now whenever she has an idea, she'll put it in a tome, send me a link, and I can open it up and add to it.

EnochMusician, composer, and producer

Once the pitch is final, Enoch and his team will send a link to the client. “I think this is a lot cleaner than attaching a static PDF,” he says. “I just personally hate attachments.”

💡 Tome Tips

Tome is built to be easily shared across any of these channels. Pick and choose how you want to send your tomes.

  • Click the Share button at the top right of your workspace to create a public share link and add email addresses of selected recipients.
  • Or generate a QR code unique to your tome.

To download a PDF, click on the three dots to the right of the Share button and select Export to PDF.

Refine your message with AI

With Tome’s native AI, Enoch has a virtual editor who can help him refine a message until it’s just right. “Tome can reword everything like ChatGPT, but I like that with Tome, the words and visuals are in one place, so I can see whether they complement each other,” he says. By seeing words and visuals together, Enoch can tell whether he needs to keep editing or if he needs to switch an image or adjust the design.

Advice for other digital entrepreneurs

You don’t have to be a musician to use Tome to build a creative home base. Tome's easy-to-use features and flexibility can help a wide range of creatives, digital entrepreneurs and freelancers get an extra edge when it comes to promoting their work.

Ready to create your own microsite for your creative work? Get started and sign up for your free Tome account today.

Check out our other Tome 101 guides for tips on how to create stellar work in Tome. As always, drop us a line at We love hearing from you.

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