Marketing Project Brief

Cover all the details and deliverables with Tome’s Marketing Brief template.

Marketing Project Brief - Cover
Marketing Project Brief - Description
Marketing Project Brief - Audience
Marketing Project Brief - Goals

About this template

This template guides you through putting together an effective brief that all key stakeholders can reference. You can organize all the necessary information into a clean, 7-slide presentation. Start with some groundwork that covers what the project is, what it aims to address, and how it will align with the client’s needs. Then you can define the goals and highlight certain metrics or KPIs to hit. This template has the ability to embed a Gantt chart hosted on Figma or Miro. All fonts, colors, and images are editable.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkDescription
  • CheckmarkClient
  • CheckmarkProject Goals
  • CheckmarkTarget Audience
  • CheckmarkProject Team
  • CheckmarkTimeline

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