Content Style Guide

Outline how your brand comes to life in words with this customizable template from Tome.

Content Style Guide - Title
Content Style Guide - About Us
Content Style Guide - Team
Content Style Guide - Voice

About this template

Tome’s Brand Style Guide template will help establish a north star for creative and content teams to follow. This style guide template contains 13 pages where you can choose your colors, font styles, and more to codify your brand’s look and feel. Utilize the format’s bold headlines with accompanying text to convey your point for readers. Upload images of the team and fill in details about your audience, voice, tone, competitors, and more. Embed images and videos to help demonstrate specific brand guidelines for each. Make sure that clear guidelines are given with “do” and “don’t” checklists throughout the template.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkAbout us
  • CheckmarkTeam
  • CheckmarkAudience
  • CheckmarkVoice
  • CheckmarkTone
  • CheckmarkCompetitors
  • CheckmarkCopywriting intro
  • CheckmarkWriting guidelines
  • CheckmarkImage guidelines
  • CheckmarkVideo guidelines

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