Marketing Strategy

Lay out the big goals, metrics, marketing funnel, and so much more with this guided Marketing Plan template.

Marketing Strategy - Intro
Marketing Strategy - Budget
Marketing Strategy - Metrics
Marketing Strategy - Goal

About this template

From top-level to the finest details, this Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy template has it all. Designed to help marketers put together a long term plan that covers all bases. This template brings together relevant tools and documents into one place. Insert a marketing calendar and customer funnel using integration tiles. Include growth highlights by the numbers and audience personas, with space to add images for helpful visuals. Include a brief SWOT analysis, a snapshot of campaigns, and a timeline breakdown of the team’s process. Use Tome’s Charts tile to show how your numbers are moving, and more. All images, fonts, and colors can be edited.

Template outline

  • CheckmarkCompany priorities
  • CheckmarkThe goal
  • CheckmarkMetrics
  • CheckmarkGrowth higlights
  • CheckmarkAudience personas
  • CheckmarkCompetitive positioning
  • CheckmarkMarketing funnel
  • CheckmarkTargeted campaigns
  • CheckmarkProcess
  • CheckmarkBudget
  • CheckmarkKPIs
  • CheckmarkStakeholders
  • CheckmarkCalendar

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